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Cleanliness I’m Clean because I want You. I’m Clean because I believe in Me. I’m Clean because I’m a Lady. I’m Clean because I want the Finer Things. I’m Clean because beauty is Clean. I’m Clean because I’m Me. I’m Clean because I’m High Class. I’m Clean because I want Gucci, Prada, and Fendi. I’m Clean because I want him to want Me. I’m Clean for him because he is a King, and I am his Queen. My bath is hot with Rose Paddles, Bubbles, and Candles. I wear Cleanliness with pride because Cleanliness is a Jewel, a Ruby to …



Love Love; loves regardless of what “THEY” say. Love doesn’t care if they stare. Love is pure. Love is fair. Love is him; because he loves me. Love is accepting. Love is the sound of his voice on a fall autumn day; against the leaves. Love is the sunset in July, FEBRUARY, and May. Honestly, Love is the sunset every day. It’s the years that make this Love so strong. Love lives in the moment; all we have is right now! I love him because he understands and accepts me for me. He accepted my scars, flaws, and all. Love …



Adorable When he talks…I hear ocean waves. When he laughs…My heart skips a beat. Adorable is what I see. That’s my baby…he can do no wrong. Adorable is what he is to me. Adorable with me…gentle is he…my baby is all I see. Sexy is a must for my man…so sexy I am. When he speaks, I listen. When he needs me…I’m there. That’s my baby! Wrong or right…I’m right by his side all night. Adorable is what I’m thinking; because that’s what he is. Know one is perfect…they say, but in my eyes, he is perfect in every way. …