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Understanding The Coronavirus


  • “Coronaviruses” is a large family of viruses that are common in people and many different species of animals including Camels, Cattle, Cats; and Bats.
  •  Animal Coronavirus hardly infect people and then spread between people.
  • The Coronavirus Disease is a Betacoronavirus.
  • The Sequences from U.S. patients are similar to the one that China initially posted suggesting a likely single, recent emergence of this virus from an Animal Reservoir.

Where did Coronavirus Come From

  • Coronavirus was first detected in Wuhan China.
  • For example, China had link to a large seafood and live animal market suggesting animal to animal personal spread.
  • Person to person spread was subsequently reported outside Hubei and in Countries outside of China including in the United States.

Some international destinations now have apparent community spread with the virus that causes COVID-19  as do some parts of the United States.

Community spread means some people have been infected and it is not know how or where they became exposed.

Illness Severity

  • Reported illnesses have ranged from very mild to severe.

Who is at High Risk

  • Older Adults
  • People who have serious chronic medical conditions like
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lung Disease


The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath



Steps to Prevent Illness

Clean Your Hands!

  • Wash your hands  with soap and water
  • Use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Don’t touch your, nose, mouth and eyes with unwashed hands.

Avoid close contact with People

  • Try to avoid close contact with people who are sick
  • Put distance between yourself and other people if COVID-19 is spreading in your community.

How COVID-19  Spreads

Person-to-person spread

The virus spread mainly from person-to-person.

  • Between people who are in close contact with one another person.
  • Respiratory droplets

How easily the Coronavirus virus spreads

COVID-19: in The U.S. at a Glance

Total cases: 938

Total deaths: 29

Jurisdictions reporting cases: 39 (38 states and District of Columbia)

Travel-related 92
Close contact 75
Under investigation 771
Total cases 938
Cases among Persons Repatriated to the United States
COVID-19: Cases among Persons Repatriated to the United States
Wuhan, China 3
Diamond Princess Cruise Ship 46

In conclusion, Wash your Hands

Above all don’t be in tight areas around a lot of people.

Don’t overthink I watched the President’s speech tonight; and I must say I feel a lot better knowing the United States is taking this very seriously and doing all they can for our safety.

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