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How To Grow 4c Hair

4c Hair grows faster by using a deep conditioner because 4c type is more prone to dryness and breakage. Conditioner keeps your hair moisturized and healthy,  Therefore use a deep condition twice a month.

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Wear protective style for instance box braids that don’t pull your edges.

Grow 4c Hair Faster by taking

Fatty Acids

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 Biotin pills

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Vitamin E Supplements

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Wash 4c Hair Only Once a Week

Washing 4c hair too much can be damaging because it strips your hair of its natural oil leaving it dry and brittle.

 Every time you wash your hair the shampoo strips away natural oils and moisture.


Here Is A List On Tips to grow 4c Hair

4c hair is beautiful and easy to care for as long as you know how to properly clean, moisturize, and maintain it.

The secret to growing 4c hair is taking care of it properly.

Just like with skincare you have to establish a regular routine for 4c hair type.

By understanding 4c hair type and using a proper hair routine

you can grow longer and healthier hair.

The curlier or kinkier your hair is the more prone it will be to dryness and breakage.

Pick products that match the 4c Hair type.

Buy hair products that protect your hair from breakage and seal in moisture.

Hair Products

Keep 4c  hair stronger by protecting it from heat, tangles,

and hairstyles that pull your hair and stress out your scalp.

Grow Hair Faster By Knowing Your Hair Type

Hair Types

Hair Type Chart

Type 1hair is straight.  Type 2is wavy between curly and straight in texture.
Type 3 has the biggest curls. Type 3Cis tightly spiraled and close to kinky.
Type 4kinky with tightly coiled strands and fluffy texture. 
4Ahair has S-shaped.  4B-Chas Z-shaped curls.

Grow 4c Hair Faster Washing Less

Wash Hair Only Once a Week

Washing 4c hair too much can be damaging because it strips your hair

of its natural oil leaving it dry and brittle.

 Every time you wash your hair the shampoo strips away natural oils and moisture.

Focus on your scalp when you wash the ends of your hair  because the ends are the most prone to dryness and damage,

 and roots are more prone to developing a buildup of dirt oils and sweat.

After you massage the shampoo into your scalp

allow the runoff suds to cleanse the lengths of your hair as you rinse.

Shampoos containing organic oils such as jojoba or argan oils

can help keep your hair moisturized soft and healthy.

Make sure that your shampoo and conditioners don’t have

“sodium lauryl sulfate”, or “ammonium laureth sulfate”, on the list.

Using a shampoo with sulfates once in a while can be

beneficial since it helps cleanse your hair and scalp of built-up oils

and dirt that sulfate-free shampoo can’t break up.

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Pre-shampoo is a treatment designed to lock in your hair’s natural oils and moisture during that washing process.

Apply your pre-shampoo product to your dry hair in sections, working from ends to roots.

Put on a plastic cap, and leave it on for 30 minutes or as directed on the package.

Rinse before applying shampoo.

4c Hair Type is essential for Conditioner

Conditioner keeps your hair moisturized and healthy

To Grow 4c Hair Use A Conditioner (co-wash)  leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture.

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Look for conditioners that are formulated for African American hair or for hair that is curly, dry, or prone to breakage.

Most conditioners work best if they sit on your hair for a few minutes before you rinse them out.

Follow the instructions on the bottle to figure out how long to leave your conditioner in.

Rinse your hair with cool water after conditioning to seal up the cuticle and lock in moisture.

You can also use a conditioner by itself to wash your hair between shampoo(co-washing).

This is especially common for those who have natural hair.

Apply deep conditioner at least once a month deep conditioner penetrates further into the hair shaft than

regular conditioner helping to repair damage caused by regular washing styling and exposure to the elements.


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