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Best Way To Get Clear Skin

To Have Clear Skin

You Need To Understand What’s Causing Your Skin To Break Out

Pimples don’t just manifest out the blue.

Pimples come from not cleaning your face correctly, dirty pillowcases, dirty phones, and hormones.

In order to have clear skin is not the same for everyone.

Skincare products that work for one person may not work the same for you.

Achieving a blemish-free complexion can seem impossible, but it is attainable if you stick to a skincare routine.


Use A Cleaning Device To Have Clear Skin

Cleaning Brush

A cleaning device will remove more dirt makeup and bacteria from your face.

The tiny bristles on these brushes get inside your skin to get all the dirt out.

Cleaning brushes clean six times better than our hands.

A cleaning device allows your skincare products to absorb better into your skin.

A cleaning device will also reduce the appearance of your pores.

Investing in a cleaning device is definitely a faster way of achieving clear skin.

Use A Mild Cleanser To Have Clear Skin 

Face Washing Product

Cleansing removes dirt oil makeup and environmental pollutants from the skin. Wash your face twice a day. Always use cleansers for your skin type. Body soap not recommended for cleansing the face. Body soap has Alkaline and can strip your skin of its protective Acid Mantle and Natural Moisturizer. Always remove cleansers with warm water. Look for a mild cleanser because they are gentle and does not strip the skin of its natural oils.

 Cleanser Designed For Acne-Prone Skin

Fight acne by using Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser and Salicylic Acid Cleanser.

Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser works by fighting the bacteria that cause acne.

You can buy Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanserand Salicylic Acid Cleanser at drugstores without a prescription.

Salicylic Acid Cleanser dries out the skin and helps exfoliate it to make dead skin cells fall away faster.


To Have Clear Skin Use a Toners 


Toner works in conjunction with cleanser, so they should be selected based on the skin type. Toners help to cleanse the skin while balancing the pH. Toners smooth your complexion. Use toners that have Glycolic and Salicylic Acid because they help unclog the pores.

Use A Regular Acne Spot Treatment To Have Clear Skin

Acne Spot Treatment

Using a regular acne spot treatment can clear away dirt and oil without stripping your skin of its moisture. Applying a topical retinoid to your skin can unclog follicles and help acne treatments work better and faster.

To have clear skin Use A Moisturizer Daily


Moisturizer is a skincare product that is used to replenish and balance moisture and oil as well as protect the skin. Moisturizers are selected base on the skin type and can change due to seasons. Look for a noncomedogenic moisturizer it won’t clog your pores. Some moisturizers contain ingredients that attract moisture like Humectant. Humectant -is a substance, especially a skin lotion or a food additive, used to reduce the loss of moisture. Moistures that have Vitamin E  and Alpha-hydroxy acids promote cell renewal and are used at nighttime.  Skin overnight renews 30% faster than when we are awake.

To have clear skin Exfoliant Twice A Week

Exfoliant Face Srub

Exfoliants are designed to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Using an exfoliant allows for deeper cleansing of the pores increase moisture retention circulation and smooth the skin. Exfoliants are either manual or chemical. Manual Exfoliant – when you physically scrub your skin with something. Chemical Exfoliant generally has a smooth feel or texture when compared to manual exfoliants.

To have clear skin Use A Face Mask Once A Week

Face Mask

A face mask is designed to provide the skin with necessary and desired benefits. Choose a face mask that is beneficial for your skin by choosing on base on its ingredients Someone with oily skin would use a mask designed to absorb oil and refine the pores. There are many face masks available 

Clay/Mud Mask

 Are generally rich in minerals, clays, and mud derived from the earth.  Their primary purpose is to absorb excess oil, tighten  and refine the pores and aid in preventing clogging. They are well suited for oily and acne skin types and are not recommended for dry skin.

Creme Mask

Rich creamy-textured masks are ideal for dry skin types.

Gel Mask

Gel mask treats a wide variety of purposes.

These masks are designed to calm and soothe sensitive skin.
The combination of ingredients and “cool gel”
 can instantly reduce redness or irritation.
Gel masks are for oily skin and they contain ingredients
designed to prevent clogging or a greasy feel.

Modeling Mask

These masks offer a wide variety of beneficial ingredients.
 Modeling masks mixed water and applied in a thick consistency to the face.
Within minutes modeling masks dry and harden and you can pull it from your face.
Model Mask is locking in moisture and creating a firm, taut feeling after removal.
Modeling masks are often an additional service and aren’t cheap.

Facials Help To Have Clear Skin 

Receiving regular professional facial treatment helps keep clients’ skin in optimum health and condition. The ability to deliver a relaxing, satisfactory massage is one benefit that you can’t achieve at home. Massage increases circulation to help remove waste from body cells at a more efficient rate.

Benefits of massage

Increased circulation of body supply to the skin

Tighter, firmer muscles Stimulation of the glandular activities of the skin Stronger muscle tissue

Relief from pain Softer, improved texture and complexion of the skin Relief of emotional stress and body tension.



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